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Inflatable Storage & Decontamination Units

decontamination-unitInflatable air cell structures are perfect storage and cover facilities.

Double skin design provides natural insulation and simplifies temperature control. Additionally, an optional Mylar coating can be used on the outer skin to provide a highly reflective coating, which reduces increases in temperature when used in sunny tropic or desert climates.

Inflatable structures have versatile storage applications ranging from food storage facilities to decontamination domes, which prevent unwanted agents leaking in the air.

Portable inflatable constructions are effective protection for fragile and valuable objects that are kept outdoors.

Inflatable Decontamination Unit (pictured above)

Lindstrand has designed and built an inflatable decontamination dome, which was fitted with an extra seal to ensure that unwanted agents do not leak out.

The inside atmosphere of the dome was kept at 200 Pa underpressure, and the dome was large enough to accommodate a twenty-tonne digger, and allowed full articulation of its digging arm. 

The building's roof had extra reinforcement, which enabled the digger to lift the building (from the inside) and move it from side to side.

Inflatable Cold Storage Units

cold-storage-unitLindstrand was sub-contracted to build inflatable buildings used to provide extra capacity for cold storage of perishable items.

Inflatable cold storage units can be custom built to whatever size is required and, as they are classed as temporary structures, these buildings do not need planning permission and as such are particularly applicable to seasonal food industries.

The inflatable cold storage units can be equipped with optional internal partitions creating private compartments or rooms.